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    FRP Membrane

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    According to customer requirements, provide different packaging. 1. Standard packing---Bulk. Save space, packaging costs, and shipping costs without using pallets. 2. Customized packing---Pallet after carton packing. The cost is high, but the loading and unloading is convenient, saving labor costs. 3. Custom labels. Warehousing: Our factory has a large warehouse, which is clean and dry. Short-term storage services can be provided.
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    Ship in 20 day(s) after supplier receives the initial payment
    Product Description

    The FRP reverse osmosis membrane shell is manufactured by a computer program-controlled winding unit and high-performance processing equipment. Based on these high-efficiency units and high-precision technological processes, high-quality product production is ensured. And through the quality assurance system to meet the growing market demand for FRP reverse osmosis membrane shells. The membrane shell is easy to disassemble and assemble, so that the user can save a lot of time and maintenance costs.


    Excellent and reliable intrinsic quality

    The products are automatically wound and formed under the control of microcomputer. The main materials are epoxy resin and fiber materials, which are processed by special technology, so that the finished products have the incomparable advantages of ordinary steel, plastics and other materials in terms of pressure resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


    Excellent insulating properties

    Fiberglass membrane shell. The thermal conductivity is generally in the range of 0.15-1.36W (m.k) at room temperature, which is only about 1/200. Its thermal insulation performance is unmatched by metal materials. This feature is very beneficial to the reverse osmosis membrane in the membrane shell, and plays a role that the outside temperature has little effect on the membrane.


    Outstanding corrosion resistance

    The combination ratio of glass fiber and epoxy resin has undergone special curing treatment to form a natural corrosion-resistant product. The inner surface is smooth and the coating has good stability to solvents such as acids, alkalis, salts, and oils with low concentrations. It can effectively inhibit the seawater and microorganisms entering the shell. No corrosion in long-term use.


    Structural design

    The barrel body, head and slot of the membrane shell have undergone strict layup design and optimized calculation details to ensure the safety of the structure and the safety and stability of the structure under long-term pressure.

    The optimized design of the concentrated water side opening can meet the necessary safety pressure of four side openings on one head, and enhance the variability in the installation process.

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